Peeping Mot – Print Edition


First assembled and composed in this forum, Peeping Mot is now also a perfect-bound paperback book, published by Apogee Press.

Available from Small Press Distribution or Amazon.


Like the cast of characters A Maxwell has here assembled (Robert Walser, Aaron Kunin, Rene Char, Sir Thomas Browne, and more), PEEPING MOT is a collection of brilliant and occult profundity. Its propositions admirably reinvent the paternal, make a wry and deep inquiry into the function of poetry, and wield the epigram as Chinese box, as koan. It is a book of uncommonly beautiful language and enigmatic intelligence, packed with soft surprises.   
– Maggie Nelson

Aphorism is an ancient form of wisdom literature aptly suited for the era of webpage and twitter account. "[P]oetry does not care for us in a timely way," perhaps, but Andrew Maxwell's aphorisms (what else to call them, except poetry?) are timely meditations on fatherhood, poetry, and the deep recesses of our language. Highly recommended.  
– Susan M. Schultz


Bill Mohr, the terrifically energetic and generous historian of Los Angeles microliteratures and poetries, put down these thoughts on the collection after receiving a copy in July.

Responding to a couple passages in the book, Susan Schultz, the fiercely aware and discerning author of Dementia Blog, wrote these rejoinders here and here.