Clover or abandonware?

Real Curses

Α stipend of consciousness.


'A fragile person with a floating consciousness. There are many of these.'


That the poem refutes the longing to redeem it.


That poetry is to imagine unenforceable principles.


  • Its intimacy is unattributed.
  • It's intimacy that is unattributed.
  • Its intimacy is that it is unattributed.

On the Mother's Side

Knowing a quiet root, the mother refutes the profane with a sidewise glance.
"Mothers are like that" – always unattributed, but only occasionally in scare quotes.


A bifocal faith: I believe you, so long as you are what you are.


That the total poetry is inevitably disciplinary.


Fictions speciate too, to displace and supplant where the mind will not behold an ecosystem.

Like Andrade's hummingbird, a "flying prism", displaced in turns by the mall rat. As accompanists, there's still here the off-crust of our musical world. Then the invention takes root – the mall rat first a soprano, then eventually a director.

On Dancing

Be confident and glad.

Don't live as if you have a face of rotten teeth.