The terror of an empty box when the adult aspect charms it with an emotion. The comfort of an 'empty' room when its inventories are ready collaborators.

It's animation that's the problem –– this space that fills so easily, into which, soft boy, we have brought you so many strangers.


He's delighted, and we want that.

He fails to describe the world in the canonical way, and we want that.

Such even prospects.


Parenting, not to be confused with curatorship –– it teaches asymmetrically.

Like Bell's palsy, the face one places before the child loses its nerve at random, fails to manage, and –– self-limiting –– reacts to seizure with blind attention.


In a world of black and white dogs, dirty is indeed the funniest word.

And the kiddos know it!

Domains & Intents: 5

  • Difficult subjects.
  • Plain language.
  • Promises.

Ashbery's Birthday

Because life is short
We must remember to keep asking it the same question

   ––"The New Spirit", Three Poems



That word breaks my heart.

Peeping Mot p.2

A lie is a virgin pipe to an expensive future.

Escape Artists

––That poetry is vulnerable to invention
––That invention can proxy for egress
––That poetry can prepare an exception

They think that's what it is:
   the black swan tool.


That poetry does not care for us in a timely way.


That poetry is open to faithless arguments.

Domains & Intents: 4

  • The limitations, or collective punishments, of invention.
  • The foundlings of enterprise.
  • Henry Vaughan's invocation of a "dirty intelligence."
  • The idea of the vernacular; a vernacular of ideas.
  • What I will choose to love, and what I will choose to know.

Untoward Arguments

Poetry can be made propositional, not to make
a better poetry, and not to marry novelty
to decency or progress, but to argue a life

that remainders nothing short of poetry, an act
of breaking in, and to our own callow house.

To argue a life made not mean by synopsis
but frank and more wild by a typical result.


What's that?

What's this thing?

In the youngest vocabularies, the sound at the root is a response to the prompt.

Where does this token go when the agreed-upon words crowd it out?


Personae are among the lesser gifts to be auditioned in early childhood.


"Bees can remember human faces, but only if they are tricked into thinking that we are strange flowers."

––Harpers Findings, 7.20.10


"A content affirmation exercise."

Somewhere between irony and forbearance, Steven Farmer turns the perfect phrase to describe the persistent value arbitration within contemporary poetry.

Such valence for this literature that refuses to initialize its variables.


To small life, the child is ambassadorial, with hiyas to a field mouse, as though to extend the sure courtesies one cheerfully renews in a bounded society.

On Revisionism: 3

As our case is not new
Let it ring false

To learn, in something like real time,
the exigencies of potential life.


That poetry is open to strong propositions.


That poetry is a controlled vocabulary for what fails to come to market.


What don't I know that I could not say?

What don't I know that I would not say?

Epigram to Preface a Collection, after Stevens.

Back to the minimum patriarch, a garble among hash marks.

Alive as anything.

Domains & Intents: 3

The poem and the publication.

Science and populism.

On Revisionism: 2

Plagiarism is a moral disinclination. One declines to revert the career.

On Revisionism: 1

Between plagiarism and repetition, there is no substantial relation.


That poetry remains a broad permission.


That poetry is a commitment to food access.

Observations in Books

"One sits and is carried into the remote unknown. How well-off I am, really!"

––R Walser, The Little Berliner

Peeping Mot p.1

No return from the war by doing puzzles. The puzzle is coming home.

I am confident
I am ashamed.